OFX Payments API unlocks the OFX International Payments network and makes the cross-border payments available for your business.

Our customers utilise Payments API to support their businesses, learn more in our case studies section or contact us for any question.

How does it work?

Your business can save on international money transfers and payments by leveraging our robust and secure payments platform via API integration.

You can easily compare rates at our OFX web site or contact us for a quick pricing conversation.

And how this works ? Simple, as 1 to 5.

STEP 1: Access the API

Securely access using your API Keys. We use OAuth 2.0 over SSL encryption

See Getting started guide for more information on how to get API keys.

STEP 2: Get a quote

Get a Quote using our Live Exchange rates for over 55 currencies, see the full list here

See Getting started guide for a quick start or Quotes Specification for details.

STEP 3: Book a deal

Add Recipients and lock the exchange rates by booking a Deal via API

See Getting started guide for a quick start or Deals Specification for details.

STEP 4: Transfer funds

Funds are transferred to OFX locally or to one of our international bank accounts

STEP 5: Funds paid

OFX transfers funds to the recipient account via our bank account network

You can also get more information at our Developer FAQ page and OFX FAQ page

What’s next ?

Let’s Get Started and follow step by step guide to develop your first application integrated with OFX Payments API.