Users API

The OFX Users API can be used in conjunction with the Payments API, and provides access to the status of OFX users who are using your application. After a user has registered with OFX and provided consent, you can confirm whether the user has been successfully verified, and can begin making payments using your app.

If you use Postman, then you can import the entire collection from the below link:

Run in Postman

Authentication flows

Like the Payments API, the User API supports both Client Credentials and Access Code flows for authentication, however different flows are relevent for different endpoints.

This endpoint should be used with a token generated with the Access Code flow, to retrieve details of the user who provided consent.

These endpoints should be used with a token generated with the Client Credentials flow, to retreive details of users who have previously provided consent to your app.


To access the Users API, when generating a token, make sure to use the scope “payments+users”.